Covert Conversation Review

This is the kind of plugin that you will either love or hate…

The one thing I completely agree with the creators on is that it is a brilliant pattern interrupt. Personally I hate the noise of Skype calling so much that I have actually turned it off…

But it will get attention and that is often what you want on websites….

What covert conversation does is drop in a Skype calling box as pop up that will appear on your computer at a certain time.

There are a couple of issues with this initial version, but I know that they are going to be fixed.

The major one for me is that you are limited on where you can put the pop up…. For example I want to only show Covert Conversation on this post, but the way it is currently set up you can choose to have it on the home page, the Search Result page, All single pages, All posts less some categories…

I thought this meant that the only way I could have the plugin showing on this post is by specifying that it would not show posts in all categories, apart from the one I wanted it in… It isn’t ideal as for me if I use the plugin on this site I can either have it working on all posts or none.

This will be fixed in a future update, but for now if you want to use it only on specific posts on your blog you might want to buy it before it gets too expensive, but hold off on actually using it until the upgrade. Of course if you want to use it site wide or on all your posts then this will be great now.

For me I think the real power of this plugin is as a way of getting attention, when you might not get it otherwise.

You can see my video review here:


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Justin Wheeler