September 26, 2014

QuoteMaster Review

Quote Master is a new tool designed by Rob Maggs and Leah Butler Smith for creating memes. If I am honest there is no real shortage of tools for doing this, but I like this for a couple of reasons… Although there are some things I am not so enamoured of.

The full video review is below:

What I think it is great for is quickly finding relevant images and quotes to use for memes.

Currently I don’t think the scheduling is as good as it should be, the biggest flaw for me is that the software has to be logged into Facebook at the time and the scheduling is not easy to target to specific groups and pages. However, this may be a particular flaw for me as we do quite a lot of work for clients and I am an administrator on lots of pages and would want to schedule on specific pages at specific times. If you are just posting to your personal profile or to one page or group it may well work well.

It is worth noting that one of my friends who has been using this for longer than me has seen a dramatic increase in his Klout score which does imply that it does good things to your Social media engagement.

For quick meme’s however and for the price it is probably worth it.

What to my mind makes it definitely worth buying however is the cartoonizer software. I just really like it. I first noticed it when Robb Maggs was cartooning various JV partners, which helped draw their attention to it. But other than that it is just fun. If you are my Facebook friend and I happen to notice it is your birthday don’t be surprised to see a cartoonised birthday greeting.

You do however only get this if you buy the elite version, but it is still pretty competitively priced.

You can get your copy by clicking here.

Anyway I like it…

And to sign off here is a cartoonised version of me:


Justin Wheeler