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Battle of the Video Players

Who Wins The Best Video Player?

It seems as though everyone and their dog is releasing Video Players these days.  As a bit of a Sucker for online Video I have bought what seems to be all of them, although I am confident that there are several I haven’t tried.

At the moment I have and am using:

  • Easy Video Player
  • Easy Video Suite
  • Video Mate
  • Simple Video Player
  • Traffic Player
  • Covert Video Player
  • Lead Player

I thought I would give them all a quick run through.  There is no doubt in my mind that everyone working online needs at least one of these. The video below looks at all of them and you can skip to the different reviews using the Easy Video Suite Powered Chapters on the timeline, or scroll down and watch the individual videos.

The only one of these that does something substantially different is Covert Video Player and so if you have one of the others this is the one you should check out.


Alternatively later on this page are individual videos demonstratng the various video players.

If you find this video useful it would be great if you would share it!

I have started with Easy Video Suite because it is really the big daddy of them all.  It has also been around for the longest in different iterations, being the successor to the revolutionary Easy Video Player released back in I believe 2009.

Easy Video Player has been superseded by Easy Video Suite.  Easy Video Suite does quite a bit more than Easy Video Player, but it is also quite a lot more expensive and costs substantially more than any of the others.

Easy Video Suite can almost do everything you would want to do with video, but having said that it is at Version 1 and after several hours working with it this morning I couldn’t get it to play nicely with one of my sites.  There appeared to be some kind of JavaScript Conflict, which is frustrating.

Other teething problems I have had with it are that I can’t seem to get the desktop video uploader to work on the several videos I have so far tried.  One of  these was a GoToWebinar recording, the other was the Camtasia Video Recording you can see above.

For the price of $297 plus a $97 optional upgrade to get the commercial license I had expected a more fluid process.

Having said that Easy Video Suite is immensely powerful and if you see yourself doing lots with videos there are several reasons you should consider buying it over the others.

1) With the Commercial License you can let 10 of your clients have access to it.  One of the people I work with has told me that he will be charging his clients $300 a month for this, so if you have high end clients this could be very valuable.

2) You can create some stylish stand alone pages for your videos.

2) It comes with a Desktop based application that you can use for both webcam recording and screen captures.

3) It will encode your videos in the most effective manner for playing online.

Like most of the other players here Easy Video Suite will play videos hosted on YouTube and Vimeo.  Unlike most of the others it integrates very well with Amazon S3.

I have a fairly extensive bonus for Easy Video Suite which you can get access to by clicking on the link.

Video MateSimple Video Player,  Traffic Player and Lead Player all do something similar.  I have ordered them in ranking of pricing.  They all work with youtube videos and allow you to play your videos in different ways.

Below you can see each of these Video Players in Action:

Video Mate

[videomate id=1]

Video Mate comes in as the cheapest of the different Video Player Alternatives. With a Multisite licence at just $27 and a Developer License at just $47.

You can pick up your copy at www.findthis.at/videomate

Simple Video Player

[imaioVideo v=1]

Simple Video Player is also very competitively priced.  Starting at $67 for a single use site up to $97 for a Developer license.

You can pick up your copy at www.findthis.at/simplevideopro

Traffic Player

Traffic Player starts at $87 for a Multisite License and goes up to $137 for a developer license.

You can pick up your copy from www.findthis.at/trafficplayer

Lead Player

[leadplayer_vid id=”50F8196D5A627″]

Lead Player is one of the more expensive Video Players on the market, and whilst it does work very well I am not convinced whether the price necessarily justifies it’s more limited feature set.  However if you like the style of this video it is worth taking a look at.

You can find Lead Player at www.leadplayer.com

Covert Video Player

[covertplayersinglevideo trvideoid=”Iscu4rt_upE” trdisplaytype=”1″ trnumbervideosdisplay=”” trvideoperpage=”36″ trthumbnailwidth=”80″ trthumbnailheight=”55″ trpopupwidth=”500″ trpopupheight=”350″ trvideoalign=”left”]Covert Player is the only one that does something unique, but it doesn’t unfortunately do some of the things that the others do.  However what it does do is pretty powerful so I am giving it a strong recommendation if you will find what it does do to be useful.

It will essentially add in smaller thumbails of videos in various styles… similar to the one above.  There are also examples that will pop up and more.  I really like the way that this plugin works.

You can either watch via the small thumbnail above or you can watch the video below.  (This final video plays via a free youtube plugin by the exceptional Vladimir Prelovac called Smart Youtube.

You can pick up your copy below:


In Conclusion:

I hope you have found this look at the various video players useful.  If money is no object then you should get Easy Video Suite.  If you are on a budget then Video Mate is the clear winner.

Covert Video Player is slightly different to the rest as it does do something very different to the rest…. Easy Video Suite can almost do what Covert Video Player does on a single video basis, but not on a Video Curation type basis.

Please do comment below. If you buy any of these video players through the links on this page send me a copy of your receipt through the contact page and I will send you a bonus.  Finally if you share this page you can get a copy of our Video Marketing Guide.  Just click one of the links below:

January 15, 2013

Easy Video Suite Bonus


Buy Easy Video Suite through my link and you will get the following:

Bonus 1 – If You Buy The Commercial License

If you buy the Commercial License of Easy Video Suite which is an extra $97 on top of the standard price of $297 you will get 6 months Subscription to www.Sparkol.com, who provide the ability to create Video Scribes, which are the videos where a hand does the writing on a marker board. These are very engaging and work well for Video Marketing.

Bonus 1 Don’t need the commercial license?

Then I have you covered and will ship you a 10 foot by 12 foot Green Screen that you can use to give your videos different backgrounds.

Bonus 3 Royalty Free Music

Great videos need to have a soundtrack to engage interest. I remember years ago when I was studying film making producing, to be honest, a pretty dire piece of work. However as soon as we added music it took the below average to the reasonably good. I have put together several packages of Royalty Free Music which you can get completely free when ordering through this link. Conservatively valued at $47

Bonus 4 Free Consultation with me

Access to my personal Email address and Skype account for any questions pertaining to Easy Video Suite or any other aspect of Internet or Video Marketing. You can ask me anything for up to 8 weeks.  Valued at $250

Bonus 5 Free Installation of Easy Video Suite!

Easy Video Suite is simple to install, or you can use their hosted version for free… but if you would rather have it installed on your server then I will personally install the software for you!When you go through the ordering process, there is an option to pay for installation, but if you are one of the first 50 people to order via my link, you get installation free from me! Value $37

Bonus 6 – Video Sales Ads Made Easy

– This 30 minute tutorial will have you up and running in no time with your first video sales page, even if you have no experience of video editing.

Bonus 7 – Webinar on Video Marketing Tactics

I have been marketing online for myself and clients for the past five years. This webinar will explain some of the best Video Marketing tips and tricks to really boost your profits from your video marketing efforts.  Conservatively valued at $98

To claim my bonuses which are worth at least the double the cost of Easy Video Player all you need to do is to buy Easy Video Player through my link. You may need to clear your cookies before you order, just check that my affiliate name is showing at the bottom of the order page as in this image.

Buy Easy Video Suite

Once you have ordered Easy Video Player use the contact form above to get your Easy Video Player Bonuses.


You can see my review of Easy Video Suite and several other video players here.

However Easy Video Suite is a dramatically improved Version of Easy Video Player, and that was pretty good!

Briefly Easy Video Suite makes inserting videos into your wordpress blog or other website incredibly easy. Easy Video Suite has a huge number of features including:

  • Full Drag and Drop Firstly the interface has been radically overhauled.
  • Ability to do simple screen capture videos and record direct to Camera, both from your Desktop and via an Iphone and an Android App.
  • Ensures your videos are encoded correctly for every browser and device, no need to run through programmes like Handbrake.
  • Hosted version and also .
  • Clickable during video overlays. You can put them wherever you want in the video
  • Elements can come up whilst viewers are watching the video
  • Much more indepth analytics. Likes, referrals, when people stop watching, what they clicked on and much more.
  • Split test videos. You can upload two videos and it will automatically split test them.
  • Affiliate Branding buttons. Your affiliates can rebrand your links and use the video with their links in it.
  • Full Social Sharing. Track it, see where it is shared on a wide variety of different sites. eg Facebook, Digg, Twitter and more.
  • Video Pages with comments and sharing so page can be shared, commented on etc. Making the ability to tap into the power of social media.
  • Add in video optin forms, paypal codes or indeed any other html.

Again to get your Easy Video Suite bonuses you need to click this link:

Easy Video Suite software

PS Don’t just take my word for it. This is the review of the precursor, Easy Video Player, from infamous online marketer Mike Filsaime: “If you are marketing without Easy Video Player, then you’re not the best marketer you can be. It is one of my favorite products to use. Get yours now and see for yourself”

PPS. I take this quote from The Warrior Forum and it is by Josh Bartlett. “If you are considering buying Easy Video Player, now is a great time to do so before it goes up in price, also, feel free to buy it through Justin’s affiliate link.. He deserves it!”. A number of other comments on that thread and elsewhere have thanked me for all my help and support with EVP. I would love to help you with Easy Video Suite. To buy this is my link once more: Buy Easy Video Suite.

Please do comment below.  Finally if you share this page you can get a copy of our Video Marketing Guide.  Just click one of the links below:

Read more http://www.wantabonus.com/


WP News Flash

WP News Flash is a neat plugin that adds a scrolling ticker bar to the bottom of websites.

Such tickers are popular on TV and I haven’t seen many on websites, so I am not 100% sure how effective this will be, but I really like the concept and will update on the effectiveness of it as my data comes in.

You can watch my video review here:

It has also given me an ideas for a plugin that I am going to create on a similar principle.  If you pick up a copy of this then when my version sees the light of day you will get a free copy of it if you send me your purchase receipt through my contact form.


Viral Image Curator vs MemeCrusher

This post originally compared Viral Image Curator Pro to Meme Crusher.  Viral Image Creator seems to no longer be sold, so Memecrusher does seem at the moment to be one of your best tools for creating Memes. Later in this post is a video which compares them both.

However there are some differences:

Viral Image Curator searches a wider selection of images, which is great, although you do need to be absolutely certain  that the images it finds are able to be used and under what license.  Fortunately you can easily research the images it finds.

MeMe Crusher only shows three different sources for images, but these are all solid places for you to find great images.

Viral Image Curator’s Meme’s are simpler in style to MeME Crusher and all you can do is change the background and the fonts.  However it is more flexible in terms of text positioning.

MeMe Crusher will post to Facebook, Pinterest and your blog

The video below shows me using both of them.

In my view you wouldn’t want to buy both.  If you already have one then I wouldn’t really buy the other.

Buy MeMe Crusher from here

If you buy Meme Crusher you should receive a beginners guide to Pinterest and also a guide to photography on the download page inside JV Zoo.

Clip Juicer Review

Everyone knows that Video Marketing is one of the most powerful methods of getting your message out there when done right.  It can also be used for creating backlinks and videos should be part of everyone’s marketing mix.

I picked up ClipJuicer last night and have to say that I find this rather useful.

It essentially has two different functions.  Firstly it can spin videos out of selected images, and allow you to add in a background soundtrack.
Secondly it can join videos together so you could add in an intro video and an outro video.  This can be useful for any PLR vidoes you might have that you want to add your own branding too, or if you are recording a series of training videos it can be used for adding in an inro to each video to help sustain your brand.

You can watch the video demonstration below, or you can just go and read the sales page.

Hope you will find this useful.  If you pick this up through my link you will get a collection of Royalty Free music you can use for your videos.

Social Curator Pro Review and Bonus

Social Curator Pro is the latest plugin by Peter Garety.

The idea behind it is quite clever, although I think that there are some flaws in execution.  However for the price I think it is almost certainly worth testing.

I recorded a brief overview of the features, which you can find below.

There are two features of this plugin:

  1. The way it will work is add in at the top of the post as you can see above some Twitter avatars of people who are tweeting similar content to you.  Now I am not 100% convinced as to how ethical this is and I rather suspect that if this works what I would probably end up doing is seeding in some tweets from some of my twitter accounts and using those avatars, rather than avatars of people I don’t know…However the chances are that this “social proof” will encourage others to tweet your content.
  2. It will allow you to engage in conversation in the Social Media on both Facebook and Twitter with others who are talking about similar subjects to you.This is quite neat, but to be honest I suspect you will only do this when you first create the blog post, and the rest of the time you will be interacting with people through more traditional methods like Hoot Suite and Tweetdeck.

My view is that this is definitely worth trying.  Rather like many products that come across our desk though it won’t reach the hype that the sales page says it will and it won’t be as bad as it’s biggest detractors say it will!

The product comes in two flavours.  A standard version which will allow you to add One Twitter account, One Facebook account and one Facebook page.  The premium version which at the time of writing this review was sold as an upsell for an additional $27 for an unlimited license or an additional $17 for $10 sites.

Think this is something that you want? Then we would like to offer you a bonus if you buy using our link below:


  • Pick Up Social Curator Pro today and you can get our Twitter training course.  All you need to do is forward your payment link using the contact form above and we will get you access sent out.
  1. We will also be running a useful webinar about Twitter and there will be time for an extensive Q&A afterwards.

If you found this review useful please do like it or indeed tweet it!

Thanks for reading and if this is something that you want, just use the order now button below:

Sales Press Pro

Sales Press Pro is the first WordPress theme that really gives Optimize Press a run for it’s money.

For those who don’t know about Optimize Press it has for a long time been the theme of choice for almost all internet marketers for their sales pages.  It is a strong theme that works well for Sales Pages and until very recently nothing else came close to it.

However Sales Press Pro was released today by Mark Dulisse, who is one of my favorite online marketers and indeed the first person I bought a course from, which went on to make me my first thousand dollars plus online.

With a wide array of different styles for both sales pages and squeeze pages and some neat built in features such as countdown timers, exit splashes and more this really is a theme that every online marketer wants to get their hands on.

It also includes two of Mark’s other premium plugins, WP Optin Pro and his Traffic Player plugin which makes this exceptional value at the $67 he is charging for it.  As someone who periodically develops custom themes for my web development clients I know that this theme is exceptional value for money.

In the video below you can watch my review of the theme.

If you pick up a copy of this through my link you will get access to the following:

  • My Product Creation Course
  • My Copywriting Course
  • Additional Bonus webinars with Mark Dulisse