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Ant Votinator

Ant Votinator ReviewAnt Votinator is a new WordPress plugin that allows you to create polls that you can then use inside Facebook, both on your own personal profile, or on your page.

Facebook used to allow polls as a standard feature. They were great and worked well. Then they removed them from everywhere except groups. Unfortunately groups are only visible to a limited number of people and content from inside a group can’t be spread outside of it.

And this is where Oz’s Ant Votinator comes into its own.

It allows you to create polls that can be added to your personal newsfeed or the newsfeed of  any of the pages that you admin.

It also has the facility to add it as a custom tab, but this to my mind isn’t nearly as valuable.

Read on for our review and to see our bonus:

Ant Votinator Review:

Watch the video below to see a brief overview:

You can also see a poll in action on our facebook page.

I think this is going to be a really powerful plugin, both for those like me who have clients that we sell social media marketing services to, and for .

I believe that this will be hugely powerful to those of us who use Facebook for clients as it is a great service to add into the mix.

It will also shortly be extremely useful if you want to be able to get engagement off your Facebook page and on to your website, when the feature to allow you to drive traffic to a different website on answering of a question is released, apparently tomorrow.

The good things about Ant Votinator include:

  • It is an innovative plugin fulfilling a genuine need
  • It has been developed by a reputable team who will stand by their plugin long term.

The bad points are:

  • To my mind it was released maybe a week too early so a number of the features aren’t yet working the way they should be. However I am confident that this will soon change and new enhancements are currently coming thick and fast.
  • You will require an SSL certificate to be able to use the plugin which will add run you an extra $9.95 a year plus depending on your host  you may need to pay from $12 a year for a dedicated IP address. For us we already have these so it is not really a major problem and the small cost will be more than offset by the value of the polls.

Ant Votinator Bonus

I am still working on the bonus for this, but it will include some Facebook graphics, including some graphics to make the surveys stand out more in the news feed. My designer is working on them today and tomorrow.

Just let me know that you have bought a copy I will be sure you get the bonus as soon as it is ready.

WP Virtual Tour

WP Virtual TourWhen I first heard about this plugin I was immediately excited about the potential.

Developed by a guy called Michael Formby, a fellow Brit who I met up with when I was last in England it definitely has some real merits.

One of my webdesign clients had spent several thousands of pounds developing virtual tours for two of his properties…

So I knew there was real demand and apparently the statistics pretty much weigh in favour of the power of virtual tours:

  • Real estate listings which feature a Virtual Tour are viewed 40% more than listing with only traditional(flat) photographs. (research by Realtor)
  • 75% of the interviewed potential real estate buyers stated that they preferred interactive Virtual Tours over normal photographs.
  • Online viewers are 115% more likely to book accommodation when a virtual tour or video is viewed.
  • Hotels that have virtual tours on their website, generate 48% more bookings (research by Best Western)

I also discovered that it is great fun, if like me you ever do panoramic images and want a nice way to show them on your websites.

You can find out more and get your copy of it from this link.

You can also watch my brief video review here:

When I first used this there were a couple of issues, but these have all been ironed out now. What is nice about this plugin is that automatic updates are built in, so if there is an issue you don’t have to go to the members area, download the latest version, delete and then reinstall the new version… which even typing it has tired me. Instead all you have to do is click the update button inside WordPress.

There is also a really neat upsell that will allow you to do 360 degree product demos.

I know some of my ecommerce customers will love this!

I really like this plugin, and think it has some fantastic applications… Expecially if you have clients where people will really want to see the location.

A couple of bonuses are some fliers you can use to promote this to local businesses and also some additional icons you can use for the hot spots and text info markers – Please just let me know you bought this and I will send the bonuses out to you.

Prospecting Flyer BonusesTo get your copy of WP Virtual tour please go to the link below:


Finally if you have any comments or have found this review useful please share and leave your comments below!

InstaMember Review And Bonus

What is InstaMember?

Instamember is a powerful new WordPress plugin for creating membership sites. Over the years I have been online I have continually been asked to review and recommend by affiliate partners Membership plugins.

For the first time a new one is being released that is worthy of a recommendation.

InstaMember seem to have thought of almost everything:

  • Integrates with all the major payment processors and affiliate systems
  • Has it’s own standalone payment set up
  • Can handle affiliates outside of an affiliate platform
  • Protects Pages and Posts
  • Has a Built in Support Desk
  • Can drip feed content
  • Integrates with it’s own Software licensing platform
  • And Much more…

Watch the video which gives a brief overview of InstaMember, and then read on for the rest of our review and the bonuses.

InstaMember – The Good Points

  • Fast Set up and you can have your first product online in about 10 minutes from start to finish
  • Can handle multiple products on one installation
  • Allows you to manage affiliates and customers on the same site
  • Integrates with all autoresponders and most payment platforms including JV Zoo, Clickbank, One Shopping Cart and many more for maximum flexibility of payments…

Instamember Review – The Bad Points

  • Whilst it has built in broadcast emails, you need a separate autoresponder… Having said that this is not really a problem as you should be using a decent autoresponder service anyway
  • The Software licensing doesn’t handle automatic updates so that needs to be done seperately
  • Currently I can’t really think of any others!

 Buy InstaMember here:


InstaMember Bonus

  • Additional Graphics that you can use for Your Sales Pages
  • Copywriting Course
  • WordPress theme for Product Launches
  • A course on Membership Site Secrets
  • Additional Plugin for securing and hosting videos on Amazon
  • Access to my Private Facebook Groups, where you can ask anything about online marketing and we can help with any problems you may have…
  • In the unlikely event you are unable to get support for any issues you may have then we will help.

Claim your Bonuses

To Claim Your Bonuses Order InstaMember from this URL: [imaioExitOk]http://findthis.at/instamember[/imaioExitOk] Make sure that the affiliate id is 8 as shown in the image below:

JV Zoo Affiliate ID Confirmation

On Purchasing you will see on the download page an option to access your bonus. Click this and you will be taken to the bonus page.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments below…

WP News Flash

WP News Flash is a neat plugin that adds a scrolling ticker bar to the bottom of websites.

Such tickers are popular on TV and I haven’t seen many on websites, so I am not 100% sure how effective this will be, but I really like the concept and will update on the effectiveness of it as my data comes in.

You can watch my video review here:

It has also given me an ideas for a plugin that I am going to create on a similar principle.  If you pick up a copy of this then when my version sees the light of day you will get a free copy of it if you send me your purchase receipt through my contact form.


Social Curator Pro Review and Bonus

Social Curator Pro is the latest plugin by Peter Garety.

The idea behind it is quite clever, although I think that there are some flaws in execution.  However for the price I think it is almost certainly worth testing.

I recorded a brief overview of the features, which you can find below.

There are two features of this plugin:

  1. The way it will work is add in at the top of the post as you can see above some Twitter avatars of people who are tweeting similar content to you.  Now I am not 100% convinced as to how ethical this is and I rather suspect that if this works what I would probably end up doing is seeding in some tweets from some of my twitter accounts and using those avatars, rather than avatars of people I don’t know…However the chances are that this “social proof” will encourage others to tweet your content.
  2. It will allow you to engage in conversation in the Social Media on both Facebook and Twitter with others who are talking about similar subjects to you.This is quite neat, but to be honest I suspect you will only do this when you first create the blog post, and the rest of the time you will be interacting with people through more traditional methods like Hoot Suite and Tweetdeck.

My view is that this is definitely worth trying.  Rather like many products that come across our desk though it won’t reach the hype that the sales page says it will and it won’t be as bad as it’s biggest detractors say it will!

The product comes in two flavours.  A standard version which will allow you to add One Twitter account, One Facebook account and one Facebook page.  The premium version which at the time of writing this review was sold as an upsell for an additional $27 for an unlimited license or an additional $17 for $10 sites.

Think this is something that you want? Then we would like to offer you a bonus if you buy using our link below:


  • Pick Up Social Curator Pro today and you can get our Twitter training course.  All you need to do is forward your payment link using the contact form above and we will get you access sent out.
  1. We will also be running a useful webinar about Twitter and there will be time for an extensive Q&A afterwards.

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