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November 11, 2014

Explaindio Review

So in this review we are going to take a look at Explaindio and why we think it is so good.

In the video below you can see an example of why I think Explaindio is quite so powerful:

In this second video we take a look at more of Explaindio‘s features:

The Explaindio Review:

What we love is the fact you can add animations over live video… There are a couple of minor issues with this.

My biggest problem I think is the fact that you can only remove the previous animation and you can’t group them together. This means that you are in danger of having too much text on the page at any one time. I am hopeful that this will be improved in a future release.

The only other issue that I am so far aware of is that the text can’t be displayed in a right to left format.

Assuming they can fix the issue where you can’t remove the existing elements on a video without losing the background video there is little for me that means this won’t be a long term keeper. As it is I really like what I can do and think it is a lot of fun.

It will be interesting to see how this develops in the future.

The Explaindio Bonuses

I am still in the process of finalising these…

However they include the following:

1) The software already comes with some royalty free music but I have added in a selection of additional tracks.

2) Access to my Video Marketing Mastermind and my core principles of Video Marketing Guide

3) Youtube Marketing Training

4) Some additional background loop videos

5) Some additional graphics

6) A copy of my guide which I am finishing up now on how to make presentations and videos really work well.

Pick up your Copy of Explaindio below:


Keyword XP Review and Bonus

Keyword XP Reviewkeywordxp-logo-300x120

Keyword XP is the latest update to Paul Clifford’s successful Keyword Research tool, and in Version 3 an incredibly useful feature has been released, which will make this one of my regularly used software tools.

Along with a standard keyword research tool, Keyword XP does the following:

  • Create Viral headlines that get clicks
  • Research High Volume Niches
  • Get exact match search volumes
  • Check domain availability
  • Discover new backlink opportunities

What really makes Keyword XP stand out however is the Viral Headline Generator. I start looking at that at around the 2 minute 30 mark in the below video.

Whether you already have a keyword tool or not, this viral headline generator is what makes Keyword XP a must have to my mind.

Although I also like the suggest tool, which comes up with great keywords from Google, Bing, Ebay, Amazon, Youtube, and Ask. Amazon and Ebay can be very useful as it really helps you drill down into key buying terms.

Anyway let’s take a quick look at Keyword XP in action

 Watch the video




Keyword XP Bonus

If you purchase KeywordXP PRO through my link then you will get the followinng products as a bonus:


Bonus 1


Accountability Coaching

Value $59.90

I was recently invited by Lift, the daily coaching application, to become one of their accountability coaches. When you buy Keyword XP I will give you a voucher for four weeks of accountability coaching on Lift to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your purchase.

This will include:

  • Daily check-ins from me to see how you are getting on
  • You can ask me questions
  • We can look at setting up systems to ensure success


Bonus 2


Value $99

LinkJuiceForce will enable you to build your own Private Blog Network and rank any keyword to #1 on your terms.

Specifically you will learn:

  • How to grab High PR domains inStealth mode from auctions.
  • Find HIGH Authority domains withtraffic
  • Convert those domains to yourown servers with losing authority.
  • Maintain and develop the content.


Bonus 3

Penalty Recovery Method

Value $99

The complete guide to Google’s 200 ranking factors and how to get out of penalty.

Specifically you will learn:

  • Get you out of rankings drop
  • Establish Penalty vs algorithm change
  • Set up your Trust flags
  • Increase your CTR
  • Improve your bounce rate
  • Build an authority site


Bonus 4

Press Release Power

Value $99

How to write and publish a press release that will get you traffic.

Specifically you will learn:

  • The topics to write about
  • How to structure it
  • How to get traffic
  • SEO Optimization
  • Where to publish it for maximum effect.


Bonus 5

Content Marketing

Value $99

Content Marketing Mastery teaches you exactly what you need to know to quickly

incorporate effective strategies in your business.

Discover how to use content to generate more leads and lifelong customers.

Specifically you will learn:

  • The benefits of content marketing
  • How to do keyword research that drives traffic
  • Proven title strategies to get visitors attention
  • When and how often you should post content
  • And how to create a silo structure


To Claim Your Bonus

Buy your copy of Keyword XP through the link below:


And then on your receipt page you will see something like this which is where you can claim your bonus.


Video Maker FX

Video Maker FXNot often I am really blown away by a software tool, especially one that is selling as cheaply as this one is.

Probably one of the best value products I have come across.

Video Maker FX is the brainchild of Peter Roszak and he has managed to do make something pretty complicated very simple.

Its like a cross between Powtoons, Video Scribe, PowerPoint, Prezi and Adobe After Effects combined into a killer combination.

Whether you do the ocassional video for clients, or you want the odd video for yourself this is a tool you are going to want.

I have done a brief video demonstration below, although I am not totally sure this does it complete justice.

You can also see various different samples of videos on the sales page.

Suffice it to say though I love this software and know that it will give me a huge return on my investment.


Video Maker FX Bonuses

1) A copy of a plugin of mine called Subscriber Gifts, this is designed to add a youtube subscribe button to your blog… with one small catch… once the user subscribes you can thank them. Unfortunately Youtube expressly deny you to offer a prize or a reward to get someone to click  the subscribe button but there is nothing that I can see that stops you from saying thank you and even offering a gift… once they subscribe.  This is hot off the drawing board and was developed at the suggestion of one of our customers. To be honest had we been better at reading the terms, we may not have developed it… but either way I do like it and believe that used the way we suggest it has huge power.

2) The software already comes with some royalty free music but I have added in a selection of additional tracks.

3) Access to my new Video Marketing Mastermind

4) Youtube Marketing Training

5) Some additional background loop videos

6) Some additional graphics

Pick up your Copy below:

 Video Maker FX Review

Video Maker FX is really very powerful.

The video below gives a brief demonstration…

There are three niggles but none of these make this not a brilliant purchase… I think that this is some of the best software I have seen being sold online, especially for this price!

Minor issues:

  1. If you add in multiple slides from a demo on my computer at least it seems to add them in out of order, so you tend to need to do some rearrangement or just add the slides in individually – this is a known bug and will be fixed in the next update.
  2. The audio doesn’t currently automatically fade out. This is something that is on the list of improvements. The software is still at version 1 and I am confident that there will be lots of amazing changes to come.
  3. It records in hi-def but this is at 720p rather than 1080p… To be honest I don’t think I can tell the difference, and am not sure I would need 1080p but if you are a super duper video creation guru this may be a minor issue.

Other than that this is extremely well thought out and allows you and I to create really professional looking videos in a very short period of time.

Pick up your copy below:

Exit Pop – Ben Adkins – Review and Bonus

So I picked up a copy of Ben Adkin’s Exit Pop this morning.

And I have to say I am impressed.

I struggled in the past setting up exit pops and found the whole process enormously frustrating. I suspect I spent something like 2 days of my life trying to get them to work the way I wanted them to.

If only this had been around then!

For those who don’t know an exit pop is one of those dialogue boxes that pop up when you leave a website. Many people say they absolutely hate them and indeed if used the wrong way I have been known to get angry at them myself… and thats as a marketer who appreciates good marketing tactics.

The idea behind them is that they keep people on your site and increase the chance of you being able to convert visitors into customers, which is ultimately the main reason most of us have websites.

Exit Pop Review

Watch my Exit Pop Review video and read on to find out what I think makes it great and where I think it could be better:

What makes Exit Pop Great

1) Multiple exit pops from a central dashboard, really easy to monitor and make changes on the fly.

2) The ability to have a custom link that will put an exit pop on practically any site – See my link which will on exiting the sales page if you don’t buy encourage you to come back here to read my review!

3) The ability to have more than one exit pop on your site so once someone has seen one, the next time they visit the site they will see another.

4) Ease of use – just very easy to use, nothing to install, fast to use.

What makes Exit Pop less good

1) Currently it works well on Internet Explorer, Chrome and my mobile phone… but there is an issue of some sort on Firefox. The team are aware of it and are working on getting it to work properly. It does give an exit pop but gives a different message.

2) It is hosted on someone elses server, this is both a good and a bad point. If something goes wrong then you will lose access to your exit pops. However it means you don’t need to worry about maintenance, and adding in updates etc.

3) This is the first time it has been released so there will be improvements coming.

Overall I believe this to be a fantastic product and I feel confident that it will do wonderful things for your conversions.

Exit Pop Bonus

If you buy Exit Pop through my link ( I will do the following:

1) Give you a multisite copy of our plugin WP Insights

2) Give you a copy of the plugin I am having done to make it easy to specific pages and posts on your your WordPress sites

3) If you can’t get the support you need I will help you with Exit Pop and ensure you can use it to it’s full potential.

To claim your bonus please send us a ticket to with a copy of your receipt and please be sure to make sure you use this link:

Would love to hear any comments you may have below.

Graphic Pro for Less Review

Frankly this is an absolute steal at the price it is being sold for currently.

I recorded a brief video which you can see below but I would just go and get a copy before they start charging for monthly access:


Pick up a copy and I will give you two additional graphics packs.  One is for creating infographics and the other is a new pack of graphics for Facebook….

Just let us know along with a copy of your receipt and we will send it out to you.

Graphics Pro for Less

And do come back here and let me know what you think. The best comment will win a prize! 🙂


Kudani Review And Bonus


What is Kudani?

Kudani is an Air Based software tool enabling you to do the following:

  • Keyword Research
  • Find out what is trending
  • Curate Content
  • Find out who owns sites you may want to connect with
  • Design Infographics
  • Provides Templates for Posts and Social Media Postings
  • Incorporates a wide range of random facts you can use

Kudani is available as an annual payment or in monthly payments. At the time of writing this the pricing is $197 a year or $37 a month.

There is also an upsell for some additional software.

Kudani Review

In this video we do a brief overview of Kudani and how it works…

Kudani Review – The Good Points

  • This is the best Content Curation Software I have used
  • Both the Curation aspects, The Blog Templates Section, and the various quotes, facebook posts are useful and I can see this saving large amounts of time.
  • Paul Clifford has a great reputation, so I can see this software being improved and kept up to date
  • It will save you time with your keyword research as it has some useful keyword tools built in, including access to what is trending

Kudani Review – The Bad Points

  • It seems quite memory intensive on my laptop, it’s not a major problem but it periodically hangs a bit.
  • There is a lot of functionality so it makes sense to study the training, which is all video based, which personally I dislike
  • Personally I am not a real fan of the infographic creator, but that may well just be me.
  • It’s not inexpensive, so this is really a tool for those who are committed to blogging.

Someone asked me what I meant by committed to blogging and I wrote this which you might find useful as to whether or not you should invest in Kudani:

As a breakdown Kudani currently costs $197 for a years access. Now say it saves you 10 minutes on average writing a blog post and you value your time at say $50 an hour. So every blog post you write saves you $8.33. Now if you only plan on writing 20 blog posts a year then the cost equates to around $170… So it might not make sense to spend $197… Whereas if you write a minimum of one content curated blog post a week then it would start to become really valuable.

That time saving is an example, and so it could save you more than that…. Indeed one of my customers suggested it could save 10 hours! Probably an exaggeration, but still, it does show how valuable Kudani is.

If you have outsourcers who you can train to use it, it then starts to become a really valuable tool.

Now we should all aim to be writing at least one blog post a week… but I know that I don’t necessarily write that many… and of the ones that I do write not all are based on curation, so for me to get value for money for my investment I need to increase the number of blog posts we are putting out.

Let’s see how it goes…

As to you and whether or not you should buy Kudani if you aren’t doing a lot of blogging then I am not sure you can justify the cost, although my bonuses below might help! :).

Buy Kudani here:

You can buy Kudani from the URL below:


If for any reason you have problems ordering Kudani just get in touch with me and I will help you.

Kudani Bonus

Buy Kudani and you will get the following:

  • Premium Character Vectors that you can use in your infographics and some premium header images… Value $27
  • An indepth course on Traffic Value $47
  • A copy of my upcoming new plugin to help improve conversions on your pages Value $77
  • Access to my Private Facebook Groups, where you can ask anything about online marketing and we can help with any problems you may have.. Value $97
  • I am currently reading a number of books on Content Curation. I will give you the best of these after the refund period is up, or after you have made two monthly payments if you go for the monthly option. Value $17
  • In the unlikely event you are unable to get support for any issues you may have then we will help.

In addition to my bonuses:

  • You get full training on strategies and methods to get traffic.
  • Live webinars to keep you motivated and headed in the right direction.
  • A Facebook group full of members sharing concepts, ideas and strategies.
  • PageOne LeadMagnet (Capture leads from your Kudani websites) Value $297
  • WP Curation Theme (Kudani Optimized Theme) Value $97
  • Penalty Recovery Method
  • Press Release Power
  • 5 Eye-catching Infographic Templates

Claim your Bonuses

To Claim Your Bonuses Order Kudani from this URL:

Then use the contact form above to send us your purchase details.

If you have any questions or comments about this then ask away in the comments below

Ten Minute Pages Review and Bonus

What is Ten Minute Pages?

Ten Minute PagesTen Minute Pages is a browser based web editor, specifically for creating sales pages, landing/optin pages, thank you pages and download pages.

It has taken ten years of development to get to this point, about the same length of time WordPress has been around!

It has a wide range of templates (approximately 1000) and it saves a huge amount of time when designing sales pages, squeeze pages, and other funnel related pages. Indeed last night I was helping a friend with some customisation of an Optimize Press template…. The same thing would have taken me less than 2 minutes to do in Ten Minute Pages rather than 30 minutes in Optimize Press… and that is from someone who knows what he is doing… If you ever struggle with the technical aspect of website design then Ten Minute Pages will be a life saver for you!

Whilst it seems on the outset to be quite expensive, when you take into account the amount of time it saves you creating pages and the fact that their templates have been split tested for maximum conversions it starts to become really very good value.

Ten Minute Pages is being released with three  different options. A Starter option which limits you to one site, an Unlimited site license which is for as many sites as you want and an Ultimate Package that comes with some neat additional features like Facebook pages, Mobile Templates, additional graphics, exit pops and scarcity timers. I have some neat bonuses for this which you can find out more about later in this post.

Ten Minute Pages – The Good Points

  • Incredibly Fast Page Design – fire your designers! (;) and save huge amounts of time and hassle
  • Huge number of templates that have been split tested for maximum conversions
  • Your pages are HTML based and so will load much faster than pages from WordPress or similar
  • Strong integrations with various providers… If you use Aweber or SendReach then you can create an optin form in about 3 minutes… If you use another autoresponder it takes a little longer as you have to get your html code and paste it in…
  • One of the downsided of html pages in the past is that it used to take a while to make changes and then make those changes live again. With Ten Minute Pages this is practically instantaneous!

Ten Minute Pages Review – The Bad Points

When I do these product reviews I always try and pull out bad points. In the case of Ten Minute Pages I have found it incredibly hard to find any…

However these are the niggles that I have with it:

  • Because it is undergoing a launch, if you need support it can take longer than it should
  • There is a short learning curve, but that can be frustrating. Having said that it is the shortest of any advanced product I have bought
  • Whilst the templates are far more flexible than any other template based system I have found, some things that as an advanced developer I want to be able to do can be tricky
  • It’s not inexpensive, but having said that if you value your time and you create more than a couple of sales pages  or squeeze pages a year it is worth every cent!

How Does Ten Minute Pages Compare to other alternatives

Optimize Press vs Ten Minute Pages

Optimize Press is a theme, and has been for a while the market leader in WordPress based design solutions. Whilst it is powerful to be able to make changes can take a long time. There is a new version of Optimize press coming out soon, which looks like a vastly superior version to the first Optimize Press, which is not to say that the first version was bad… just that the new version is better!

The old version was very dependent on ShortCodes, which are time consuming to set up, and also not quick to make sure that they look the way you want them to. With Ten Minute Pages it is literally what you see is what you get!

Optimize Press is a WordPress theme, which is both a blessing and a curse. Because it is based on WordPress load times will be a lot slower than pages created with Ten Minute Pages.

Sales Press Pro vs Ten Minute Pages

Sales Press Pro is another WordPress theme similar to Optimize Press. It is again a solid solution and the points above re Optimize Press are pretty much the same as they are with Ten Minute Pages.

Lead Pages vs Ten Minute Pages

Lead Pages is probably the closest competitor to Ten Minute Pages in that both are HTML solutions that load fast. However Ten Minute Pages has a wider range of templates, and is more flexible in terms of what you can do. Ten Minute Pages is very much what you see is what you get, and Lead Pages is more template driven. Both are solid solutions, but I believe Ten Minute Pages has the overall advantage.

The other difference is that Lead Player is a hosted solution so you either pay monthly or annually and your pages are hosted on their servers. With Ten Minute Pages all your pages are on your own webhosting.

 Buy Ten Minute Pages here:

You can buy Ten Minute Pages from the URL below:


If for any reason you have problems ordering ten minute pages just get in touch with me and I will help you.

Ten Minute Pages Bonus

Ten Minute Pages is being released with three different options. A single site license, an Unlimited site license and an Ultimate Package.

You can watch a video overview of these bonuses below, alternatively scroll down and you can read what they are. The video goes into a little more depth.

Buy any version of Ten Minute Pages and you will get the following:

  • Additional Graphics that you can use for Your Sales Pages
  • An indepth course on Copywriting with videos and transcripts (Transcripts being finalised currently)
  • A copy of my POP UP PDF software, which will let you add pop ups into PDF’s that you can give away
  • Access to my Private Facebook Groups, where you can ask anything about online marketing and we can help with any problems you may have..
  • In the unlikely event you are unable to get support for any issues you may have then we will help.
  • As part of the prelaunch for Ten Minute Pages I won a trip to Florida to work directly with Kyle Graham and his team on my marketing funnel… You will get a copy of my notes from the time I spend there.

Buy the premium version of Ten Minute Pages

And you will get in addition to the above:

  • Either a developer license of my Easy FanPage Design plugin, or if you already own it a voucher for $100 to spend on any of my existing or new products.
  • A Paperback copy or Kindle if you prefer of: “You Should Test That: Conversion Optimization for More Leads, Sales and Profit or The Art and Science of Optimized Marketing”. This physical bonus will be sent out after the refund period is over.

Buy the Ultimate Version and you will get:

All the bonuses above Plus:

  • If you don’t already have a product of your own, then I will work with you directly to help you create a product.
  • If  you do then I will work with you on improving your funnel
  • This will include at least 4 hours of my time (normally charged at $250 an hour)

Claim your Bonuses

To Claim Your Bonuses Order Ten Minute Pages from this URL:

Then use the contact form above to send us your purchase details.

If you have any questions or comments about this then ask away in the comments below

Domain Security Pro Review and Bonus

Domain Security ProWhat is Domain Security Pro?

  • Protects your WP-Admin pages from being accessed either by IP address or by adding in an additional layer of security
  • Enables you to change WP passwords from a desktop application saving logging into sites individually
  • Allows you to prevent images being hotlinked from your websites
  • And protects your SQL databases from having malicious code injected.
  • With more new features to come…

Watch the video which gives a brief overview of the first version of Domain Security Pro, and then read on for the rest of our review and the bonuses.

It is a solid tool but this is just the first version and many new features are planned to be added.

Domain Security Pro Review – The Good Points

  • Easy installation and the import from your ftp program makes setting up your sites quite fast…
  • The ability to protect your admin panels either by IP address or by adding in an additional login layer is powerful.
  • If you are worried about image/bandwidth theft the fact you can protect your images from being hotlinked is useful
  • A quick and easy method of changing your WordPress passwords is powerful
  • The Product Creator has a good reputation for updating his products and the new planned features such as protecting your databases from sql injection attacks is invaluable.

Domain Security Pro Review – The Bad Points

  • Protecting your WP-Admin panel from access with a second password is definitely powerful but it is a bit of a pain and it is made more frustrating that it generates the password for you and if you set it on hundreds of sites you will never remember them…. It is for this reason I use IP Address.
  • IP address protection will be a pain if you travel a lot, or if you set it up for clients and their IP Address changes and they can’t get hold of you.

 Buy Domain Security Pro here:


Domain Security Pro Bonus

  • Webinar talking about WordPress Security and what to do if you are hacked
  • Access to my Private Facebook Groups, where you can ask anything
  • In the unlikely event you get hacked after setting up the software I will make myself available for up to one hour to help you clean it up.

Claim your Bonuses

To Claim Your Bonuses Order Easy Deal Builder from this URL:
Make sure that the affiliate id is 8 as shown in the image below:

JV Zoo Affiliate ID Confirmation

On Purchasing you will see on the download page an option to access your bonus. Click this and you will be taken to the bonus page.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments below…

Easy Deal Builder Bonus and Review

Buy Easy Deal Builder NowEasy Deal Builder is a new solution brought out by Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Henderson who are two hugely succesful internet marketers.

They have been testing Easy Deal Builder for the last few months. Later on in this post we have a video where I show you how easy it is to set up and answer a few questions in a recent hangout we did about t his.

Now on with the review:

Easy Deal Builder Review – The Good

  • Deals are proven to convert.. Indeed the team behind Easy Deal Builder, admittedly with a lot of list firepower did over $50,000 dollars in sales in their initial testing phase.
  • Easy Deal Builder makes creating a deal site quick and easy… And with the deals you get as part of your purchase you can have your first deal set up in about 10 minutes.
  • Has an inbuilt exit pop to help you capture your customers who may not pick up the particular deal you are promoting.
  • Simple Interface which is both good and bad, makes it pretty easy to set something up, but the editing isn’t as powerful as I would like.
  • It is a standalone script, so isn’t on WordPress which is good because you will get no conflicts and it will work as it says it should right out of the box. You can see on the replay that I set it up in less than 2 minutes, excluding the time it took to upload the files to my server.
  • If you buy the Multisite you will get an advertising credit that you can use on the planned centralised deal directory. I like the sound of this as more traffic is always a good thing!

Easy Deal Builder Review – The Bad

  • Setting up a deal is slightly fiddlier than I would like and the first deal I set up took me a couple of hours to do.  Having said that this should get faster as I create more deals going forward.
  • The editor is ok, but it could be more powerful. The options are more limited than I would like and I would prefer to see the ability to see an html view. This would make creating deals much quicker as where you are offering a deal on differnt products you could import predone html, rather than creating it from scratch inside Easy Deal Builder.
  • I would like to see more Social Media Integration, including an option to force a share to get the lowest price.
  • It’s not WordPress, which was also a good point. The reason why this slightly bothers me is that it would be nice to have access to some WordPress plugins.
  • Doesn’t appear to be any autoresponder built in. I have my deals set up through JV Zoo so this doesn’t really other me, but it isn’t completely ideal!

Easy Deal Builder Review – Conclusion

If you know that you will be able to use this then this is not a bad buy. In looking at buying this I looked at some of the alternatives…. Which ranged from a similar price to this all the way up to $2,000. Most were in the range of $92 to $300.

When you take into account the marketplace and the predone deals then this could be a useful product for you if you are an online marketer. If you sell to local businesses and have something like a local Business Directory or some local websites then this could also be a useful service to sell to them. Having said that it is a competitive marketplace so you should do some research first to see if your existing clients or prospective new ones would be interested in a service like this.

Easy Deal Builder Bonuses

  • Copy of Easy Plugin Creator and the upsell of numerous templates you can use to create plugins to sell on your Deal Sites
  • Guide to getting an SSL certificate for Facebook for free so you can use Easy Deal Builder on Facebook without spending money on expensive
  • A gift voucher to be used for three deals on my Deal site (up to $17 value for each of the deals)
  • Access to my VIP Facebook Internet Marketing Group where you can share experiences and ask any questions you might have.
  • If you get stuck installing Easy Deal Builder, we will do it for you.

Claim your Bonuses

  1. To Claim Your Bonuses Order Easy Deal Builder from this URL:
  2. Make sure that the affiliate id is 8 as shown in the image below:
  3. On Purchasing you will see on the download page an option to access your bonus. Click this and you will be taken to the bonus page.

JV Zoo Affiliate ID Confirmation

 Watch the Video OverView here:

If you have any comments or questions please share them below… If you have found this useful we would also love you to share this using the links below.

Battle of the Video Players

Who Wins The Best Video Player?

It seems as though everyone and their dog is releasing Video Players these days.  As a bit of a Sucker for online Video I have bought what seems to be all of them, although I am confident that there are several I haven’t tried.

At the moment I have and am using:

  • Easy Video Player
  • Easy Video Suite
  • Video Mate
  • Simple Video Player
  • Traffic Player
  • Covert Video Player
  • Lead Player

I thought I would give them all a quick run through.  There is no doubt in my mind that everyone working online needs at least one of these. The video below looks at all of them and you can skip to the different reviews using the Easy Video Suite Powered Chapters on the timeline, or scroll down and watch the individual videos.

The only one of these that does something substantially different is Covert Video Player and so if you have one of the others this is the one you should check out.


Alternatively later on this page are individual videos demonstratng the various video players.

If you find this video useful it would be great if you would share it!

I have started with Easy Video Suite because it is really the big daddy of them all.  It has also been around for the longest in different iterations, being the successor to the revolutionary Easy Video Player released back in I believe 2009.

Easy Video Player has been superseded by Easy Video Suite.  Easy Video Suite does quite a bit more than Easy Video Player, but it is also quite a lot more expensive and costs substantially more than any of the others.

Easy Video Suite can almost do everything you would want to do with video, but having said that it is at Version 1 and after several hours working with it this morning I couldn’t get it to play nicely with one of my sites.  There appeared to be some kind of JavaScript Conflict, which is frustrating.

Other teething problems I have had with it are that I can’t seem to get the desktop video uploader to work on the several videos I have so far tried.  One of  these was a GoToWebinar recording, the other was the Camtasia Video Recording you can see above.

For the price of $297 plus a $97 optional upgrade to get the commercial license I had expected a more fluid process.

Having said that Easy Video Suite is immensely powerful and if you see yourself doing lots with videos there are several reasons you should consider buying it over the others.

1) With the Commercial License you can let 10 of your clients have access to it.  One of the people I work with has told me that he will be charging his clients $300 a month for this, so if you have high end clients this could be very valuable.

2) You can create some stylish stand alone pages for your videos.

2) It comes with a Desktop based application that you can use for both webcam recording and screen captures.

3) It will encode your videos in the most effective manner for playing online.

Like most of the other players here Easy Video Suite will play videos hosted on YouTube and Vimeo.  Unlike most of the others it integrates very well with Amazon S3.

I have a fairly extensive bonus for Easy Video Suite which you can get access to by clicking on the link.

Video MateSimple Video Player,  Traffic Player and Lead Player all do something similar.  I have ordered them in ranking of pricing.  They all work with youtube videos and allow you to play your videos in different ways.

Below you can see each of these Video Players in Action:

Video Mate

[videomate id=1]

Video Mate comes in as the cheapest of the different Video Player Alternatives. With a Multisite licence at just $27 and a Developer License at just $47.

You can pick up your copy at

Simple Video Player

[imaioVideo v=1]

Simple Video Player is also very competitively priced.  Starting at $67 for a single use site up to $97 for a Developer license.

You can pick up your copy at

Traffic Player

Traffic Player starts at $87 for a Multisite License and goes up to $137 for a developer license.

You can pick up your copy from

Lead Player

[leadplayer_vid id=”50F8196D5A627″]

Lead Player is one of the more expensive Video Players on the market, and whilst it does work very well I am not convinced whether the price necessarily justifies it’s more limited feature set.  However if you like the style of this video it is worth taking a look at.

You can find Lead Player at

Covert Video Player

[covertplayersinglevideo trvideoid=”Iscu4rt_upE” trdisplaytype=”1″ trnumbervideosdisplay=”” trvideoperpage=”36″ trthumbnailwidth=”80″ trthumbnailheight=”55″ trpopupwidth=”500″ trpopupheight=”350″ trvideoalign=”left”]Covert Player is the only one that does something unique, but it doesn’t unfortunately do some of the things that the others do.  However what it does do is pretty powerful so I am giving it a strong recommendation if you will find what it does do to be useful.

It will essentially add in smaller thumbails of videos in various styles… similar to the one above.  There are also examples that will pop up and more.  I really like the way that this plugin works.

You can either watch via the small thumbnail above or you can watch the video below.  (This final video plays via a free youtube plugin by the exceptional Vladimir Prelovac called Smart Youtube.

You can pick up your copy below:


In Conclusion:

I hope you have found this look at the various video players useful.  If money is no object then you should get Easy Video Suite.  If you are on a budget then Video Mate is the clear winner.

Covert Video Player is slightly different to the rest as it does do something very different to the rest…. Easy Video Suite can almost do what Covert Video Player does on a single video basis, but not on a Video Curation type basis.

Please do comment below. If you buy any of these video players through the links on this page send me a copy of your receipt through the contact page and I will send you a bonus.  Finally if you share this page you can get a copy of our Video Marketing Guide.  Just click one of the links below: