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August 7, 2015

UpViral review and bonus

Capturing Viral Traffic is one of the holy grails for many marketers. A campaign that goes viral can be hugely profitable and lead to many new customers for very little money.

Wilco de Kriej has developed a fantastic software solution, UpViral. This makes putting together Campaigns that have a really strong possibility of going Viral.

It does this by doing three different sorts of campaigns.

  1. Where you incentivise people to share your content and give them points per action. These points can then be translated to coupons, free products etc
  2. Where you incentivise people to share your content and they get entries into a prize draw. The person who shares the most typically wins
  3. Where people share to get earlier access to beta software.

This is one of  the very few products I have bought this year. It is one of only two software solutions I bought and it is very well put together.

Below are a couple of videos. The first looks at the sales funnel as I went through and bought my copy.

UpViral – The Options and Sales Funnel

There are three possibilities to buy UpViral.

  • The first is a limited time only lifetime Offer.
  • The second is an annual license
  • The third is a monthly one.

There are then two upsells. The first is access to a Viral Masterclass, the second is access to some software which will help retarget on Facebook.

I am sure both are valuable but I only bought the lifetime license.

UpViral – The Review

For me this is very solid software. I first really became aware of the power of these campaigns when I read an article on the Tim Ferris blog. This spoke about how Harry’s the barber company got 100,000 email addresses for their new shaving service. In just one week!

They did this by setting up a referral engine. This is where you sign up and then get incentivised to share the sign up page with your friends.

And this is exactly what UpViral does.

From what I have seen so far this will  be my standout purchase of this year.

As mentioned earlier it does three different kinds of campaigns and I have no doubt that over time more may well be added. T

The video below shows me setting up a campaign. There are more demonstrations on the sales page.

UpViral – Pros

  • Campaigns are pretty easy to set up.
  • You can run campaigns on the UpViral domain, your own domain or you can integrate it with other services such as ClickFunnels and LeadPages.
  • It is a hosted service so if you suddenly get huge amounts of traffic it can support it.
  • You can split test different campaign – both on the front end and the offers to ensure it works well.
  • The emails are built in, so it will send out the rewards
  • Designed to work with pretty much every autoresponder. For those without direct integration you can use an html form.

UpViral – Cons

So far I haven’t really found many. The two niggles I have are:

  • You can’t currently do a campaign which is using emails by asking people to send it via email to their friends. So currently the easiest way for people to share is socially. You could ask people to copy the link and paste it. Unfortunately that is pretty clunky!
  • My 0ther minor niggle I have is that I can’t currently integrate it with Clickfunnels.  I have a support ticket in with UpViral. Because it is the launch this may take a bit of time to get answered, but I understand that Wilco’s company is normally very good at replying to support.

UpViral – Bonus


Click Here to get your copy

I have some bonuses for this.

I am working on them and will have them finished in the next few days.

  • The first is a revised copy of my Viral Bait plugin. We have been hard at work on developing the latest version.
  • The second will be a report I am writing on the ideal giveaways for this kind of viral project.
  • Uber Optin Plugin
  • OptinPop Plugin
  • Finally I will do a live all questions answered webinar.

When you buy it just send me a copy of your receipt.

Make sure you clear the cookies too if you want to be sure to get your bonus.

If you have any questions please ask in the comments below.


November 11, 2014

Explaindio Review

So in this review we are going to take a look at Explaindio and why we think it is so good.

In the video below you can see an example of why I think Explaindio is quite so powerful:

In this second video we take a look at more of Explaindio‘s features:

The Explaindio Review:

What we love is the fact you can add animations over live video… There are a couple of minor issues with this.

My biggest problem I think is the fact that you can only remove the previous animation and you can’t group them together. This means that you are in danger of having too much text on the page at any one time. I am hopeful that this will be improved in a future release.

The only other issue that I am so far aware of is that the text can’t be displayed in a right to left format.

Assuming they can fix the issue where you can’t remove the existing elements on a video without losing the background video there is little for me that means this won’t be a long term keeper. As it is I really like what I can do and think it is a lot of fun.

It will be interesting to see how this develops in the future.

The Explaindio Bonuses

I am still in the process of finalising these…

However they include the following:

1) The software already comes with some royalty free music but I have added in a selection of additional tracks.

2) Access to my Video Marketing Mastermind and my core principles of Video Marketing Guide

3) Youtube Marketing Training

4) Some additional background loop videos

5) Some additional graphics

6) A copy of my guide which I am finishing up now on how to make presentations and videos really work well.

Pick up your Copy of Explaindio below:


Keyword XP Review and Bonus

Keyword XP Reviewkeywordxp-logo-300x120

Keyword XP is the latest update to Paul Clifford’s successful Keyword Research tool, and in Version 3 an incredibly useful feature has been released, which will make this one of my regularly used software tools.

Along with a standard keyword research tool, Keyword XP does the following:

  • Create Viral headlines that get clicks
  • Research High Volume Niches
  • Get exact match search volumes
  • Check domain availability
  • Discover new backlink opportunities

What really makes Keyword XP stand out however is the Viral Headline Generator. I start looking at that at around the 2 minute 30 mark in the below video.

Whether you already have a keyword tool or not, this viral headline generator is what makes Keyword XP a must have to my mind.

Although I also like the suggest tool, which comes up with great keywords from Google, Bing, Ebay, Amazon, Youtube, and Ask. Amazon and Ebay can be very useful as it really helps you drill down into key buying terms.

Anyway let’s take a quick look at Keyword XP in action

 Watch the video




Keyword XP Bonus

If you purchase KeywordXP PRO through my link then you will get the followinng products as a bonus:


Bonus 1


Accountability Coaching

Value $59.90

I was recently invited by Lift, the daily coaching application, to become one of their accountability coaches. When you buy Keyword XP I will give you a voucher for four weeks of accountability coaching on Lift to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your purchase.

This will include:

  • Daily check-ins from me to see how you are getting on
  • You can ask me questions
  • We can look at setting up systems to ensure success


Bonus 2


Value $99

LinkJuiceForce will enable you to build your own Private Blog Network and rank any keyword to #1 on your terms.

Specifically you will learn:

  • How to grab High PR domains inStealth mode from auctions.
  • Find HIGH Authority domains withtraffic
  • Convert those domains to yourown servers with losing authority.
  • Maintain and develop the content.


Bonus 3

Penalty Recovery Method

Value $99

The complete guide to Google’s 200 ranking factors and how to get out of penalty.

Specifically you will learn:

  • Get you out of rankings drop
  • Establish Penalty vs algorithm change
  • Set up your Trust flags
  • Increase your CTR
  • Improve your bounce rate
  • Build an authority site


Bonus 4

Press Release Power

Value $99

How to write and publish a press release that will get you traffic.

Specifically you will learn:

  • The topics to write about
  • How to structure it
  • How to get traffic
  • SEO Optimization
  • Where to publish it for maximum effect.


Bonus 5

Content Marketing

Value $99

Content Marketing Mastery teaches you exactly what you need to know to quickly

incorporate effective strategies in your business.

Discover how to use content to generate more leads and lifelong customers.

Specifically you will learn:

  • The benefits of content marketing
  • How to do keyword research that drives traffic
  • Proven title strategies to get visitors attention
  • When and how often you should post content
  • And how to create a silo structure


To Claim Your Bonus

Buy your copy of Keyword XP through the link below:


And then on your receipt page you will see something like this which is where you can claim your bonus.


Covert Conversation Review

This is the kind of plugin that you will either love or hate…

The one thing I completely agree with the creators on is that it is a brilliant pattern interrupt. Personally I hate the noise of Skype calling so much that I have actually turned it off…

But it will get attention and that is often what you want on websites….

What covert conversation does is drop in a Skype calling box as pop up that will appear on your computer at a certain time.

There are a couple of issues with this initial version, but I know that they are going to be fixed.

The major one for me is that you are limited on where you can put the pop up…. For example I want to only show Covert Conversation on this post, but the way it is currently set up you can choose to have it on the home page, the Search Result page, All single pages, All posts less some categories…

I thought this meant that the only way I could have the plugin showing on this post is by specifying that it would not show posts in all categories, apart from the one I wanted it in… It isn’t ideal as for me if I use the plugin on this site I can either have it working on all posts or none.

This will be fixed in a future update, but for now if you want to use it only on specific posts on your blog you might want to buy it before it gets too expensive, but hold off on actually using it until the upgrade. Of course if you want to use it site wide or on all your posts then this will be great now.

For me I think the real power of this plugin is as a way of getting attention, when you might not get it otherwise.

You can see my video review here:


Let me know what you think in the  comments below – You can get your copy here:


September 26, 2014

QuoteMaster Review

Quote Master is a new tool designed by Rob Maggs and Leah Butler Smith for creating memes. If I am honest there is no real shortage of tools for doing this, but I like this for a couple of reasons… Although there are some things I am not so enamoured of.

The full video review is below:

What I think it is great for is quickly finding relevant images and quotes to use for memes.

Currently I don’t think the scheduling is as good as it should be, the biggest flaw for me is that the software has to be logged into Facebook at the time and the scheduling is not easy to target to specific groups and pages. However, this may be a particular flaw for me as we do quite a lot of work for clients and I am an administrator on lots of pages and would want to schedule on specific pages at specific times. If you are just posting to your personal profile or to one page or group it may well work well.

It is worth noting that one of my friends who has been using this for longer than me has seen a dramatic increase in his Klout score which does imply that it does good things to your Social media engagement.

For quick meme’s however and for the price it is probably worth it.

What to my mind makes it definitely worth buying however is the cartoonizer software. I just really like it. I first noticed it when Robb Maggs was cartooning various JV partners, which helped draw their attention to it. But other than that it is just fun. If you are my Facebook friend and I happen to notice it is your birthday don’t be surprised to see a cartoonised birthday greeting.

You do however only get this if you buy the elite version, but it is still pretty competitively priced.

You can get your copy by clicking here.

Anyway I like it…

And to sign off here is a cartoonised version of me:


September 24, 2014

Local Lead Examiner Review and Bonus

Local Lead Examiner is a very useful plugin for those of you who, like me, sell services to local businesses.

The idea behind it is that you invite local businesses to come to your site and enter their website URL and then the plugin will spit out a report and ask them if they want to enter their email for a more in-depth report.

Local Lead Examiner Review

See the video overview below or try it out for yourself under the video.


As you can see the plugin gives you a pretty useful report and the funny thing is that it is human nature to want to fill in reports like this…

Once they have the report there is an option to get a more indepth report as well.  Alternatively you can see a list of all the websites that have used your examiner tool and then make contact with the customers that way instead.

There are a couple of minor issues with the plugin which I pointed out to the developers and these will be fixed in an upcoming release.

They are:

1) The results page is not currently responsive.

2) There seems to be an issue with the result from Bing and from Google Analytics. These are however pretty minor issues, and I feel confident that used correctly this will lead to new business for you, and I am currently working on an advertising campaign to drive some traffic to my companies installation of the plugin.

Local Lead Examiner is being sold for just $27, but there is an upsell to the pro version which is the one that I have. The pro version which is the one I have includes Social Media measurements and also allows you to change the links to the various articles.

Local Lead Examiner Bonus

If you buy Local Lead Examiner through my link I will give you a copy of the articles I am currently writing / having written to replace the ones that they have in the report which currently link out to other sites.You can watch this brief video overview of the plugin as well if you like.

Whilst I will initially be asking my existing customers to refer their friends to my installation of the examiner, I will then be doing an advertising campaign to get other people to use it as well, and I will give you a report on how that does and how well it works.

There will be a sign up form for the bonuses inside the JV zoo Members area to get your bonuses.

Pick up your copy of Local Lead Examiner from the link below:

And if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below.


Ant Votinator

Ant Votinator ReviewAnt Votinator is a new WordPress plugin that allows you to create polls that you can then use inside Facebook, both on your own personal profile, or on your page.

Facebook used to allow polls as a standard feature. They were great and worked well. Then they removed them from everywhere except groups. Unfortunately groups are only visible to a limited number of people and content from inside a group can’t be spread outside of it.

And this is where Oz’s Ant Votinator comes into its own.

It allows you to create polls that can be added to your personal newsfeed or the newsfeed of  any of the pages that you admin.

It also has the facility to add it as a custom tab, but this to my mind isn’t nearly as valuable.

Read on for our review and to see our bonus:

Ant Votinator Review:

Watch the video below to see a brief overview:

You can also see a poll in action on our facebook page.

I think this is going to be a really powerful plugin, both for those like me who have clients that we sell social media marketing services to, and for .

I believe that this will be hugely powerful to those of us who use Facebook for clients as it is a great service to add into the mix.

It will also shortly be extremely useful if you want to be able to get engagement off your Facebook page and on to your website, when the feature to allow you to drive traffic to a different website on answering of a question is released, apparently tomorrow.

The good things about Ant Votinator include:

  • It is an innovative plugin fulfilling a genuine need
  • It has been developed by a reputable team who will stand by their plugin long term.

The bad points are:

  • To my mind it was released maybe a week too early so a number of the features aren’t yet working the way they should be. However I am confident that this will soon change and new enhancements are currently coming thick and fast.
  • You will require an SSL certificate to be able to use the plugin which will add run you an extra $9.95 a year plus depending on your host  you may need to pay from $12 a year for a dedicated IP address. For us we already have these so it is not really a major problem and the small cost will be more than offset by the value of the polls.

Ant Votinator Bonus

I am still working on the bonus for this, but it will include some Facebook graphics, including some graphics to make the surveys stand out more in the news feed. My designer is working on them today and tomorrow.

Just let me know that you have bought a copy I will be sure you get the bonus as soon as it is ready.

May 27, 2014

Video Induction System

Joey Xoto specialises in Video, and without doubt he is a very talented video creator…

I first came across him when I saw a video he did for Alex Jeffreys, which was hugely impressive.

Video Induction System is I believe his second video training launch, and he has I think pulled out almost every stop.

If like me you enjoy creating video, but you aren’t brilliant at it then you will find a lot of value in this course.

Predominantly designed to help you sell using video there is a lot of value in this course.

Video Induction System Review

The core system comes in two parts, the main Video Induction System which is broken down into three sections, and one bonus:

  1. The System
  2. Scripting Structure
  3. Positioning the Offer
  4. Bonus – Script Walkthroughs

These are broken down into separate videos totalling 14 in all, along with 6 WorkSheets, and 2 Cheatsheets. Whilst there are no transcripts, which is something I am not a fan of in courses, you do get a copy of all the slided used for these videos, which is helpful.

The second part is the Fast Production Secrets.

This is broken into three sections and a bonus again.

  1. Prepare to Correct
  2. Creation
  3. Post Production
  4. Bonus – Animation Videos

And this is made up of 10 videos, one cheat sheet and some bonus music tracks.

You can watch this video which gives a brief sneak peak of the members area:

The good parts

Everything you need put together in a professional way

The bad parts

No Transcripts, You can’t download the videoss

Video Induction System Bonus

When you buy Video Induction System through my link you will get the following additional bonuses:

1) Access to my Video Marketing Mastermind – A small Facebook group where you can ask me anything about Video Marketing and I will either know the answer or know someone who can give me the answer!

2) Access to a course on Copywriting. Video Induction System gives you the pieces for making a compelling video to help you sell. This course will fill in any gaps that you might have.

3) Access to my course on YouTube and you tube marketing.

4) If you pick up the upsell you will also get access to my shortly to be released course on Photoshop.

Get Your Video Induction Bonus

Go to and pick up your copy. Once you have bought please use the contact form on this website to let us know, along with your transaction id.

Alternatively look on the JV Zoo receipt page tomorrow to get your bonus automatically – apologies for the delay in having it there.


Video Maker FX

Video Maker FXNot often I am really blown away by a software tool, especially one that is selling as cheaply as this one is.

Probably one of the best value products I have come across.

Video Maker FX is the brainchild of Peter Roszak and he has managed to do make something pretty complicated very simple.

Its like a cross between Powtoons, Video Scribe, PowerPoint, Prezi and Adobe After Effects combined into a killer combination.

Whether you do the ocassional video for clients, or you want the odd video for yourself this is a tool you are going to want.

I have done a brief video demonstration below, although I am not totally sure this does it complete justice.

You can also see various different samples of videos on the sales page.

Suffice it to say though I love this software and know that it will give me a huge return on my investment.


Video Maker FX Bonuses

1) A copy of a plugin of mine called Subscriber Gifts, this is designed to add a youtube subscribe button to your blog… with one small catch… once the user subscribes you can thank them. Unfortunately Youtube expressly deny you to offer a prize or a reward to get someone to click  the subscribe button but there is nothing that I can see that stops you from saying thank you and even offering a gift… once they subscribe.  This is hot off the drawing board and was developed at the suggestion of one of our customers. To be honest had we been better at reading the terms, we may not have developed it… but either way I do like it and believe that used the way we suggest it has huge power.

2) The software already comes with some royalty free music but I have added in a selection of additional tracks.

3) Access to my new Video Marketing Mastermind

4) Youtube Marketing Training

5) Some additional background loop videos

6) Some additional graphics

Pick up your Copy below:

 Video Maker FX Review

Video Maker FX is really very powerful.

The video below gives a brief demonstration…

There are three niggles but none of these make this not a brilliant purchase… I think that this is some of the best software I have seen being sold online, especially for this price!

Minor issues:

  1. If you add in multiple slides from a demo on my computer at least it seems to add them in out of order, so you tend to need to do some rearrangement or just add the slides in individually – this is a known bug and will be fixed in the next update.
  2. The audio doesn’t currently automatically fade out. This is something that is on the list of improvements. The software is still at version 1 and I am confident that there will be lots of amazing changes to come.
  3. It records in hi-def but this is at 720p rather than 1080p… To be honest I don’t think I can tell the difference, and am not sure I would need 1080p but if you are a super duper video creation guru this may be a minor issue.

Other than that this is extremely well thought out and allows you and I to create really professional looking videos in a very short period of time.

Pick up your copy below:

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